Quality handmade items that can be used everyday and passed down through the generations. We believe in recycling and repurposing to create beauty.

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Stoic Supply Co. originated from a passion of hand-crafted products that we wanted to use ourselves in the outdoor environment. Evolving from a blacksmith and the passion of the leather refining process, our vision is to create products that can journey the world with you, develop character through the patina process during your travels, for lasting memories.

We believe in a healthy environment, and educating people on why it’s important to ‘buy well, buy once’ in an ever increasing throw away world that we have created.

All products used are all natural, bi-products and repurposed materials, which are made to last generations.

The collaboration of a small team of craftsmen where lifestyle, adventure and heirloom quality, along with the passion of century old traditions of handcrafted leather, canvas and steelworks take place.

Based in the Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia, our vision is simple:

Handmade, well made, rugged for adventure, to last the test of time… Slow down and enjoy the simple things that surround you with our products.